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PPP Encouragement & Assembly Party Overview

Pink Purse Parties are designed to get others involved in executing the mission and vision of the Pink Purse Project by focusing on women who are less fortunate, homeless, victims of abuse and violence, suffering from drug addiction, et,.  No matter what the need, through the gift of a purse, a smile and a few words of encouragement, you can positively impact a life for the better.

Pink Purse Assembly Party (PPAP):

Hosting an assembly party is a fantastic way to get together with your friends and family to chat, eat and learn more about the Pink Purse Project and how to get involved.  As a host, you will gather women, girls and even men if they are interested, together at your home (or a designated location) to sort, assemble and pack purses, toiletries and write a letter of encouragement to be gifted to a special women or girl.  Your guests will bring a new or slightly used purse including toiletries to be used for stuffing.

A Pink Purse representative will be present to assist with this process as well as to speak about the project and its direct influence on the community.  Hosting a PPAP is a great way to reconnect with friends, catch-up and yet be productive and reach out to women in need.  So call up your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, in-laws and colleagues and tell them to find all of those unwanted (but well maintained, in-good condition) purses and those never to be used un-opened toiletries and bring them over for a PPAP!

Pink Purse Encouragement Party (PPEP):

Maybe it's your friends, family and colleagues who need a boost of encouragement. Maybe they are suffering from low self-esteem, or emotional abuse, or having financial difficulties.  Well why not host a PPEP, Pink Purse Encouragement Party.  A PPEP is designed to bring women and girls together who are dealing with similar issues, to encourage and support one another.  The Pink Purse will provide purses and toiletries for the women who are in need and a Pink Purse representative will be present to provide an encouragement talk/discussion along with prayer (if requested).  A PPEP is a great way to directly impact the women you love and care about.


It’s time to become active in helping the women who are in need in your community.   If you are interested in hosting a PPEP or PPAP, please fill out the registration form below and send it to info@pinkpurseproject.org or sign up on our website.